With so many people recording their own projects these days, reamping has become even more essential. The artist on the budget might have some good software with which to record but to be competitive with larger budget recordings, you need some great hardware. That's where we come in.

Reamping is taking an instrument that has been recorded direct/dry (ie: plugging a guitar directly into a recording interface) and then running it back out of your recorder to an external device (in many cases a guitar amp). The concept has many benefits. A guitar player can simply plug straight into their computer, pull up a quick modeling plug-in and get to tracking without worrying about chasing tone. Then, later, an experienced engineer/producer can spend time dialing in the guitar tone using a real amp and cab to best suit the song (not to mention employing quality mics, preamps and converters). The initial performance can be captured rather quickly leaving the tedious aspect (as well as the expensive gear) to the engineer.

Here at ReampKings/Villain Recording, we love guitar amps. Oh, and cabs. Check out our Amps & Cabs page to see what we've got. Also, go to the Audio page and give a listen to some of the projects we've recorded to get an idea of how we do guitars. We can reamp your project with the amp(s) and cab(s) of your choosing or you can leave it up to us to chose what we feel will work best for your song(s). And don't forget, reamping is not limited to guitars. You could put any instrument through an amp and get unique results (keys, vocals, drum mix). I'd be happy to pump your harmonica through a Marshall!

Feel free to give me a call to discuss how reamping could work for your project.